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How to Make Latik

How to Make Latik

An easy tutorial on How to Make Latik, golden coconut curds to use as topping and flavoring for your favorite rice cakes and desserts!

Latik are solids that form when coconut cream (kakang gata) is cooked down until it releases its natural oils. These toasted crumbs are sprinkled on Filipino desserts and rice cakes to add flavor and crunch. The fragrant oil rendered from the process is usually brushed on various kakanin for aroma and used to grease baking pans or banana leaves to ease removal

How to make latik is a straightforward cooking method where coconut cream is simmered, stirring regularly, until the curds separate from the oil and turn golden. As the coconut cream is reduced to rid of the moisture, two cups of the gat will yield about half a cup of latik

Tips on How to Make Latik:

  • You can use coconut milk instead of the first extraction but it will take longer to reduce as it has more water content and less concentrated.
  • As the latik will continue to cook and brown in the residual heat, drain from the hot oil immediately.
  • To ensure even color and to prevent burnt spots, stir frequently when the cream begins to thicken. Use a non-stick pan to keep the coconut solids from sticking.

Do you know how to make latik from a can of coconut cream? This might be the simplest recipe that I have ever written  because it only makes use of one ingredient. This post is for those who are struggling to find latik from their local grocery stores where coconut cream in can are available

I think that this will be helpful to people outside of the Philippines where latik or even fresh coconut cream is not readily available. I saw myself in this situation when I first came here in Chicago. I was looking for latik in Filipino stores so that I can use it to top the biko that I just prepared, but I was not able to find one. Good thing that the store carried different  brands of coconut cream, and I was able to see my personal preference.

I am very particular in the brand of the ingredients that I am using. I want  high quality ingredients. The selection process is not easy because it takes time to try all the options before finding the one. For example, I have used at least 8 different brands of coconut cream until I discovered my preferred brand. I like it for its quality. Once I like a certain brand of ingredient, I stick to it until I find a better one

Let’s talk about the steps on how to make latik. The first step that I did was to pour the contents of the canned coconut cream in a pot. Apply heat until it starts to boil. During the first few minutes, you will notice that steam goes off the pot. This is just the water evaporating. Continue to cook until the water completely evaporates.

After a while, residue will start to form. The color will start to darken as every minute passes. At this point, scrape the residue using a wooden ladle to prevent it from sticking on the pot. It will be helpful to use a non- stick pot for this process.

Continue to cook until the residue (which is your latik) turns golden brown. At this point, grab a kitchen sieve or strainer and then strain the latik to separate it from the coconut oil. You can now use the latik that you made to top your favorite Filipino kakanin


  • Pour coconut cream in a pot.
  • Start to heat the pot until the coconut cream starts to boil.
  • Adjust the heat to medium. Continue to cook until the liquid evaporates and residue starts to form
  • Gently scrape the coconut residue using a wooden or silicon spatula. Adjust the heat between low and medium. Continue to cook until the liquid completely evaporates. Note: at this point, only coconut oil and the residue is left.
  • Once the residue starts to get light brown, start to stir so that it gets cooked evenly. continue to cook until the color turns golden brown.
  • Separate the residue from the coconut oil using a kitchen sieve. The residue and “latik” is one and the same thing

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